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VOD delivery onboarding

Welcome to the Prime Video digital supply chain.

At Prime Video, our goal is to create the industry’s most efficient, self-service model for content ingestion. We partner with you, solicit your feedback, and create processes that are easy to understand, scale, and replicate. Ultimately, we want to create a model that allows our mutual customers to enjoy the best quality entertainment via the most captivating viewing experiences.

Asset media supply chains involve many teams and resources. Please review our support content, begin internal conversations with key stakeholders, and assess availability of content prior to your VOD delivery training.

Planning is a crucial element for a successful delivery. We value your time and want to make our time with you productive. As a content partner, begin by identifying a key point of contact (POC) in your organization that will work with the Amazon Prime Video Operations team.

Your POC works with your internal stakeholders for required asset and information sources required to successfully package and delivery content to us (i.e. working with business teams, marketing, rights clearance, sales, legal, and operations). By connecting with internal partners and explaining delivery needs of Amazon, the POC plays a crucial role in successful launches on Prime Video. The POC helps to ensure productive communications that maximize the use of your time and ensures timely, accurate asset availability on Prime Video.

We look forward to working with you and welcome your partnership.

To better understand our teams, see Our teams.

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