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Packaging requirements — All other territories (Global)

The Global territory requires component asset packages to be delivered. Component based packages refer to content delivered with semi-textless video file which can be localized with discrete subs and dubs. These packages are delivered to Prime Video using the industry-standard MovieLabs suite of specifications including Media Entertainment Core (MEC) title metadata and Media Manifest Core (MMC) asset metadata.

Textless, Semi-Textless, and Texted Masters

To play titles in multiple languages using a single video source, Prime Video requires delivery of semi-textless mezzanines. Information about semi-textless mezzanines is below. Amazon defines a semi-textless master as a version of the video where no timed text for foreign language dialogue has been burned into the video image. Original language inter-titles or location-establishing text may be included to preserve creative intent, including opening credits, main titles, and end credits in the original language of the title as well.

Common Definition
  • Semi-textless: This is the format required in Global. Only subtitles that cover foreign dialog removed. All other text stays. Some studios refer to this as "Texted with no subtitles" and some as "Textless with main, ends, and graphic text" but it is becoming the industry standard semi-texted version. If there is collision between timed text elements and burned-in on-screen text, assets will be rejected. If your content falls into the below definitions, it will need to be reformatted to conform to the semi-textless definition above.
  • Texted: Fully texted master with no text removed.
  • Texted + Textless at tail: Fully texted master with textless inserts after end of program.
  • Textless: All onscreen text removed, including mains and end credits.
  • Textless with main and ends only: All onscreen text removed except for main and end credits.
  • Textless with main, ends, and locales: All onscreen text removed, except for main and credits and locales.

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