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Technical asset review

The Technical Asset Review evaluates whether the video files you deliver to Prime Video meet our specifications and quality bar. It's required when you:

  • have never delivered content to Prime Video before
  • are working with a new post house that is processing your video content (even if the post house has already been onboarded to deliver to Prime Video)
  • are delivering a new video format to Prime Video

During the Technical Asset Review, the Partner Integration Management (PIM) team first reviews the Archival Format Questionnaire. They schedule a call with you and your technical representatives to review your video formats and workflows (codecs, bitrates, framerates, processing, etc.). If any of your content will be processed or delivered through a post house, make sure a representative from that post house is on the call.

Based on the answers from the questionnaire and the phone discussion, the PIM team requests an array of test content and formats that are representative of your stored catalog. They review those assets to ensure they meet the technical requirements outlined in the video specifications. Test files out of compliance with the Prime Video spec are reported back to the provider and require redelivery to demonstrate your ability to correctly process content. If out-of-spec content is repeatedly delivered, the PIM team further analyzes and outlines the areas that require improvement in your facility's quality control measures to successfully deliver content to Prime Video.

After testing is complete, the PIM team provides a summary via email clearly outlining which video, audio, and timed text formats you are approved to deliver.

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