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Phased avails and asset package review

The Phased avails and asset package review helps to familiarize you with steady-state delivery operations and establish the efficient digital supply of content (avails, metadata, artwork, video, localization assets) in spec for the target region. This process is applied to content partners (studio/posthouse) who are new to delivering title packages for a target region.

A Phased avails and asset package review is required for any of the following:

  • Delivering to Prime Video for the first time
  • Delivering to a new specification within a territory (for example moving from file naming convention to XML, moving from XLS to Prime Video XML, etc.)
  • Delivering to a new format profile (4K UHD/HDR)
  • Delivering to a new territory
  • Utilizing a new, un-onboarded posthouse

Territory overview

Prime Video is shifting to a consolidated Global marketplace. By the end of 2021, all deliveries to Amazon Prime Video will be transitioned and consolidated to our Global marketplace. Classic marketplace deliveries and specifications will be deprecated.

To support Global marketplace deliveries, packages are created from a single, semi-textless video mezzanine which is supplemented by localized component assets for each new territory.

Please review the information in this article on how Partner Integrations Management (PIM) and a Partner Operations Manager (POM) will work with you during VOD delivery onboarding.

Phased avails and asset package review

A Partner Integrations Management (PIM) works with you during each phase of your testing submissions to ensure your ability to correctly conform, package, and deliver content to Prime Video. To complete each round of testing, you must meet our specifications and successfully deliver assets via Video Central. During each round of testing, redeliveries are requested until you achieve 100% delivery accuracy. When achieved, you advance the next round of testing.

On average, the entire testing process takes about three weeks for most content partners, but we expect this process to be completed in no longer than 30 days. We rely upon your active engagement throughout this process to ensure timely completion of your training. We'll provide timely feedback throughout each testing phase to help you successfully complete the process in a timely manner.

In each testing round, you're expected to assess your delivery results using the Video Central portal. This is a self-service tool where you can review successful and unsuccessful deliveries. A PIM works with you during this process to ensure that you can effectively use Video Central and make the necessary corrective actions by utilizing the instructions available on this support site. During this process, a PIM helps with troubleshooting the correct actions that lead to successful fulfillment.

The following are specific requirements for each test round:

  • The avails that you use during testing are required to be titles that you'll use for launch. Based on your test avails, these titles will be published to Prime Video as per our agreements. It's crucial that you use active launch avails. If for any reason you require an exception, please contact your PIM or Partner Operations Manager (POM) in advance to ensure these titles aren't published after the training process is completed.
  • If your launch plan includes 4K UHD or UHD-HDR video, these formats must also be included in each of your testing rounds.

For a clear overview of Phased avails and asset package review, please review the below chart. There are three rounds of testing required for episodic content and two rounds for movie content. In both cases, in addition to evaluating overall asset quality, we test your ability to correctly format and deliver metadata, manifests, and construct episodic hierarchies (where appropriate) at scale.

Round TV package1 Movie package
Round 1 One season with two episodes One movie
Round 2 One season with two episodes Three movies
Round 3 Two seasons with two episodes per each season Not required

1 If your catalog has a TV series with multiple seasons, seasons in one series should be selected for Round 1 and 2, and in another series for Round 3.

Files per each round
  Required/optional1 Technical specification
Content rights sheet avails Required for TVOD, Channels, and SVOD CPH Content rights
Metadata Required per series/season/episode/movie level MEC title metadata
Asset manifest Required per episode/movie MMC asset manifest
Artwork Required) One region-free 3x4/4x3 boxart per season/movie
(Optional) 4x3 episode box art
(Optional) Localized artwork
(Optional) 16x9 artwork
Global territory artwork
Video Required per Episode/Movie
Trailer is optional per movie
Timed text Required by territory requirements or SVOD deal agreements Timed text
Dubbed audio Required by territory requirements or SVOD deal agreements Audio

Please also refer to TVOD/SVOD — All other marketplaces (Global) for details of expected files in each round.

Phased review title spreadsheet

To help organize information for your review phases, your PIM will ask in advance that you to enter data and complete the Phased review title spreadsheet. This spreadsheet helps to identify titles and gather corresponding information that is required for each review round. This spreadsheet is only used for the initial package review during your onboarding and isn't a process that is required during steady-state delivery (after your onboarding is successfully completed).

Start Date value in avails in review stage

If a content offer is delivered with past start date in review stage, the content will be published on Prime Video services during the test phase. Please make sure to put future date on Start Date in your avails sheet to prevent it as follows:

  • For channels avails, insert a Start Date that is four weeks earlier than your launch date. This allows us to review and test content on the Prime Video portal (to ensure proper configuration of detail pages, carousel displays, etc.). This practice is also applied to your other channel launch titles that we use for review rounds.
  • For TVOD avails, insert a Start Date that is four months later than our onboarding invitation. After your education process is complete, we work with you to confirm all title package delivery timeline and assign your TVOD content launch date per our publishing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your Content Acquisition Manager (CAM) and POM.

Sample files

To familiarize yourself with our avails and asset package standards, please see Sample files. The support site also provide specific requirements for Ratings, languages, and genres.

Video tutorials

To assist you further, see our Video tutorials. We highly encourage you to watch these tutorials.

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