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What's New

v6.0 — August 15, 2018

Prime Video has made several changes to our specs and standards to simplify and improve the content partner experience.

  • Support for EMA Avails v1.7.2 and v1.7.3. A new Content Rights section makes it easier to understand Prime Video requirements regarding content rights associated to delivered video content.
  • Prime Video no longer supports communication of content rights via metadata. All content submissions must have associated content rights delivered via approved EMA avails. For current requirements, see the Content Rights section.
  • New online Support section. Archived versions of the Prime Video Content Guide are available in PDF format in the Content Guide Archive.
  • New field lists for EMA Avails, MMC, MEC, Amazon XML, and Amazon XLS specs. These define each field and indicate whether each field is required, optional, or not used by Prime Video.

If you are ready to migrate to new specs, contact your Operations Account Manager.

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