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What's New

Prime Video periodically makes changes to our specs and standards to simplify and improve the content partner experience. Below is a listing of recent changes we've made.

v6.8 — January 4, 2021

As of January 4, 2021, Video Central has extended currency mapping to include a default currency for all territories. A table of the full mapping between territories and default currencies is available on the support site. Previously, Prime Video has only accepted TVOD avails for territories that have a default currency defined in Video Central - if a provider submitted avails for a territory without a default currency mapped, this would have lead to a failed submission.

This change will add a default currency to EMA 1.7+ (if currency isn't provided) and EMA 1.6 avails.

Previous releases

v6.7 — October 14, 2020
v6.6 — September 3, 2020
v6.5 — July 13, 2020
v6.4 — June 30, 2020
v6.3 — September 30, 2019
v6.2 — June 13, 2019
v6.1 — December 12, 2018
v6.0 — August 15, 2018

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