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Cost Per Hour SVOD

This article covers requirements to deliver content under the Prime Video Pay-for-Performance Royalty program.

Under pay-for-performance royalty terms, content partners may make their titles available in Prime (SVOD) and be paid based on customer engagement on a Cost Per Hour (CPH) royalty model. Prime Video doesn’t pay any minimum or up-front fees for content availed under CPH terms. Content providers choose which titles they want to avail under this royalty model.

Note: You must provide localized audio or captions for each published territory. For example, if you’re publishing to Spain under CPH terms, you must provide Spanish audio or Spanish captions.

Access Pay-for-Performance terms

Partners can participate in the Prime Video Pay-for-Performance Royalty program at the discretion of the Prime Video business team. To request participation, contact your Prime Video Content Acquisition Manager.

When your account is enabled, you're prompted to review and accept CPH terms, which are linked from the banner that appears in the Video Central portal. Contractual terms detail how you earn royalties for customer streaming activity on your titles. You're required to provide bank, payment, and tax details through the Video Central portal to enable royalty payments for CPH titles.

After accepting contractual terms and providing payment details, you may begin making your content available under CPH terms using industry-standard EMA Avails. Prime Video rejects CPH avails if you haven’t accepted CPH terms through your Video Central account.

Submit CPH SVOD avails

To make titles available under CPH terms, you must submit EMA Avails with the following CPH SVOD fields and inputs:

EMA Avails (v1.6): Required inputs for SVOD CPH
EMA Avail (v1.6) Field Required input



LicenseRightsDescription (for EMA v1.6)




EMA Avails (v1.7.3): Required inputs for SVOD CPH
EMA Avail (v1.7.3) Field Required input



GroupIdentity (for EMA v1.7.3)




Complete your avail sheet with all other necessary inputs per Amazon requirements, including the territory or territories into which you want to make content available. Learn more about Prime Video requirements for delivering EMA avails.

To ensure that new rights windows are captured by Prime Video operational workflows, deliver your avails in accordance with standard avail delivery SLAs, with a forward-looking date and timestamp in the Start field. Only submit avails for territories supported by your CPH agreement with Amazon — we won’t accept avail scopes for territories outside this agreement. Some territories, like India, require an additional agreement with Prime Video to avail your titles under CPH terms. Contact your Prime Video Content Acquisition Manager for more information on the territories into which you are permitted to make your titles available under CPH terms.

SVOD CPH avails must not conflict with any existing Licensed SVOD deal you have with Prime Video. If you want to extend the availability window of your Licensed SVOD titles under CPH terms upon the expiration of the Licensed window, you must ensure that the CPH SVOD Start and End date inputs specified in your delivered avail sheet don’t conflict with the windows of your Licensed titles. For a licensed SVOD deal to maintain a continuous offer window, the End date and timestamp of the licensed SVOD titles must be one minute before the SPH SVOD Start timestamp. If you’re uncertain about precise window dates of existing Licensed SVOD titles, contact your Prime Video Partner Operations Manager.

If your CPH avails are rejected (e.g., conflict with a Licensed SVOD deal or are for a territory you’re not permitted to avail into for SVOD CPH), then you will receive instant feedback in the Deliveries tab within the Video Central portal.

Below are sample files for use in creating EMA avails specifically for CPH SVOD. For more details, see the Content Rights section.

Download icon EMA Avails v1.7.3 CPH SVOD sample file

Download icon EMA Avails v1.6 CPH SVOD sample file

Note: Avails 1.6 doesn't support Day After Broadcast (DAB) CPH SVOD content. If you plan to deliver DAB titles and stream them as SVOD CPH, please use Avails 1.7.3 and input DAB in the LicenseRightsDescription field. Review LicenseRightsDescription in the TV Data Dictionary tab in the Avails sample file for the usage of this field.

Content fulfillment for CPH titles

After successfully delivering CPH avails, title fulfillment requirements populate on the Requests tab within the Video Central portal. For titles previously delivered to Prime Video through a different business line (e.g., TVOD, Licensed SVOD, Prime Channels), you likely have no additional delivery requirements following successful avail delivery. For net new titles to the service, or if you delivered avails for a territory that has an additional localization requirement, the Requests tab displays all new requirements. Filter Business Line to Prime and Status to both Open and Required to identify new delivery obligations for your CPH titles.

Note: You must provide localized audio or captions for each published territory. For example, if you’re publishing to Spain under CPH terms, you must provide Spanish audio or Spanish captions.


After titles are available in CPH SVOD, you have visibility into titles’ performance through downloadable reports, available on the Reports tab within the Video Central portal. Performance reports — published daily, weekly, and monthly — include total minutes streamed per title and per territory. Access your earnings and related payments for those titles through a monthly earnings report, which includes royalties on per-title, per-territory basis, and a monthly payments report, which tracks each payment made to you for CPH earnings.

Royalty terms

For any title made available under CPH terms, you’re compensated on a per-hour royalty rate. CPH SVOD royalties are paid according to the rate card outlined in the CPH Digital License Agreement accepted through Video Central. Unless otherwise stated in your CPH agreement, royalties for titles published in the United States are paid in accordance with the Customer Engagement Ranking associated with each title streamed.

The Customer Engagement Ranking is a percentile ranking of a title’s level of engagement with our Prime customers in relation to other titles published into SVOD under CPH terms in a territory. Royalty rates for titles published in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria are paid based on aggregate hours streamed in each territory based on the rate table available in your CPH Digital License Agreement. Titles published in all other territories earn a fixed royalty rate per hour set forth in your CPH Digital License Agreement. Title streaming time begins accruing when the title is streamed for the first time by a customer.


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