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Content rights

Prime Video requires content rights to be submitted in the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) Avails Specification. Prime Video supports EMA XLS Avails, version 1.6, 1.7.2, and 1.7.3.

Note: The maximum size of EMA 1.6, 1.7.2, and 1.7.3 avails supported by Prime Video is 60,000 rows.

The EMA Avails templates include instructions for completion. The following Prime Video rules supersede the instructions on the template:

  • Discrete Windows: We don't accept duplicate or overlapping windows for the same Licensor-ALID-Territory-LicenseType. Please send discrete windows for all avails submitted.
  • EntryType Rules: Only Full Extract and Full Delete submissions are accepted.

    Full Extract means that new avail entries replace all current and future avail entries within the same scope. Prime Video defines scope as the unique combination of licensor, unique ID, territory, and the rights model (e.g., TVOD, SVOD, etc.). A unique ID is represented by an Alt ID in EMA v1.6 and an ALID in EMA v1.7.

    Full Extract requires that all of your current and future avail entries are provided for a scope. When Full Extract avails are submitted, Prime Video replaces all current and future avail information for a given scope. Full Extract allows a content partner to expire a license on a future date.

    Submitting a Full Delete causes all avail records of that scope to be removed from Prime Video systems. Even though a Full Delete indicates that all rights for a given scope are removed, if the content is already in-window, a Full Delete isn't sufficient to automatically expire content. Content providers should deliver a Full Extract avail with an appropriate date in the End field to take down live titles. Only use the Full Delete function to remove erroneous avail files for content that isn't live (e.g., if an incorrect Alt ID was used to attempt to modify an avail).

    Prime Video defines the rights model using both LicenseType and GroupIdentity. The LicenseType field specifies whether content is intended for TVOD or SVOD. Entries intended for TVOD never extract or delete entries intended for SVOD.

    The GroupIdentity field within EMA v1.7.3 specifies whether content is intended for first-party SVOD (Prime Video) or third-party SVOD (Prime Video Channels). Entries intended for Prime Video SVOD never extract or delete entries intended for Prime Video Channels. This also means that content partners must be mindful of all channels they deliver for when submitting Channels rights. If you have a title available in more than one Prime Video Channel in a single territory, you must include details for both titles when sending a Full Extract submission, because both Channels are within the same scope.

  • Language Fields: Use RFC 5646 language codes. Additionally, Prime Video supports appending :sub, :dub, :subdub, or :any after any language code to specify the type of asset associated with it. For example, if Prime Video is meant to hold back Latin American Spanish timed text in a certain territory, the associated HoldbackLanguage field should contain es-419:sub. Multiple languages can be included in all language fields; use commas to separate them. Note that the AllowedLanguage/HoldbackExclusionLanguage field and HoldbackLanguage field can't be used together.
  • PriceType and PriceValue: These are required fields for all TVOD (EST/VOD) titles. For TVOD titles on wholesale price terms, PriceType must be WSP and PriceValue must be a monetary value. For TVOD titles on revenue-share terms, the PriceType must be Category and PriceValue must be either Library or New Release. For SVOD titles (including Prime Channels and Cost Per Hour SVOD), these fields are optional, but you may include Category for PriceType and sub for PriceValue.
  • Avails Metadata vs. Title Metadata: Descriptive title information (e.g., title, rating, director, etc.) are always be pulled from the associated title metadata submission, and not content rights.
  • Title Matching via Unique IDs: When used, the AltID, ALID, and ContentID (in v1.7.x) must be identical. This is how Prime Video matches content rights to asset metadata and title metadata.
  • Controlled Codes: Prime Video accepts a number of controlled codes for territories, languages, time, currencies, and other concepts. These codes aren't managed by Prime Video but allow for automation.
  • Start and End Terms: A date in the required format must be included. If only a date is included, there are assumptions that are made for start and end times. These assumptions are defined below in the respective "start" and "end" fields. A specific time may be supplied by using the required time format followed by the letter Z to indicate UTC (Zulu) time (2019-01-01T00:00:00Z). Also, offsets from UTC can be used to specify time zones. For example, 7:00 a.m. Standard Time in New York would be represented as: 2019-01-01T07:00:00-05:00 (UTC minus five hours).

Avails delivery method

Avails are delivered via Aspera. For more information, see Delivery Methods. Make sure to follow the file naming rules.

Content rights field list

The table below summarizes the available Content Rights fields along with Prime Video-specific notes.

Accepted Values lists the acceptable values or indicates the type of value expected for each field. If left blank, it indicates a string is acceptable. All inputs are limited to UTF-8 characters. Prime Video Usage indicates whether the field is required, optional, or not used by Amazon.

The following table and notes are in addition to the documentation and definitions provided by MovieLabs. Should any conflict occur between the two, notes and guidelines provided below are considered definitive for deliveries to Prime Video.

Field Name Definition & Notes Accepted Values Prime Video Usage
DisplayNameThe organization granting rights. Use the assigned Prime Video PartnerAlias to match to asset packages.Required
AssetLanguage/StoreLanguageIntended set of languages/assets to be fulfilled by licensor and the spoken language of the intended audience. This field can be used in conjunction with the LocalizationType field to specify the type of localization that is intended to be delivered. LocalizationType values can also be appended to a language within this field. If LocalizationType is left empty and there is no appended LocalizationType in this field "any" is assumed. RFC 5646 language code (":sub", ":dub", ":subdub", ":any" can be appended).Optional
TerritoryTerritories where rights are being granted.ISO 3166-1 territory codeRequired
WorkTypeType of the work.Movie, Season, EpisodeRequired
EntryTypeThe data entry methods we will use to ingest these terms.Full Extract, Full DeleteRequired
SeriesTitleInternalAliasThe title of the series.Required for "season" and "episode"
SeriesTitleDisplayUnlimitedThe display title of the series.Optional
SeasonNumberThe number of the season.IntegerRequired for "season"
EpisodeNumberThe number of the episode.IntegerRequired for "episode"
LocalizationTypeThe localized assets that must be displayed in a territory. This field specifies whether the title must be subtitled or dubbed and works in conjunction with the AssetLanguage/StoreLanguage field. A value of "any" or blank indicates that any sub or dub assets delivered by the partner may be published with the title. If left blank, "any" is assumed. Separate rows must be used for cases where the intention is to differentiate offers by localization type (subbed and/or dubbed) for flattened files (non-componentized) for Classic marketplaces. See above for detailed definition of Full Delete and Full Extract.sub, dub, subdub, anyOptional
EpisodeTitleInternalAlias or TitleInternalAliasThe title of the feature or episode.Required
EpisodeTitleDisplayUnlimited or TitleDisplayUnlimitedThe display title of the feature or episode.Optional
SeasonTitleInternalAliasThe number of the season.Optional
SeasonTitleDisplayUnlimitedThe display title of the season.Optional
EpisodeCountThe number of episodes in the season.IntegerRequired for "Season"
SeasonCountThe number of seasons in the series.IntegerOptional
SeriesAltIDThe internal ID for the series.UTF-8 numbers/EN letters/ underscore/hyphenRequired for "season" & "episode" in v1.6. Optional for v1.7
SeasonAltIDThe internal ID for the season.UTF-8 numbers/EN letters/ underscore/hyphenRequired for "season" & "episode" in v1.6. Optional for v1.7
EpisodeAltID or AltIDThe internal ID for the feature or episode.UTF-8 numbers/EN letters/ underscore/hyphenRequired for v1.6; Optional for v1.7
LicenseTypeThe type of license being granted.EST, VOD, SVOD, AVOD, POEST, FVODRequired
LicenseRightsDescriptionA description of the above license type. When a title package for Availed title is delivered in DAB Delivery SLA, this value should be "DAB".Optional
FormatProfileIndicates the resolution of the video covered by the terms. For SVOD, max resolution should be specified since lower resolutions are displayed based on user setup.HD, SD, 4K, UHDRequired
StartStart of term. Specific time zones may be specified by supplying offsets from UTC. For example, 7:00 a.m. Standard Time in New York would be represented as: 2019-01-01T07:00:00-05:00. (UTC minus five hours). The use of the special character Z after the time can be used to indicate Zulu time (UTC time) as in the following: 2019-01-01T00:00:00Z. If no time zone is specified, the local time in the easternmost time zone of the territory for which content is being availed will be assumed. An avail for GB with a start time of 2019-01-01T09:00:00 will be interpreted as 9 a.m. in GB. If no time is supplied, a default of 00:00:00, corresponding to the start of the day in the easternmost time zone of the territory indicated is assumed.YYYY-MM-DD or ISO 8601 Date+Time formatRequired
EndEnd of term. Specific time zones may be specified by supplying offsets from UTC. For example, 7:00 a.m. Standard Time in New York would be represented as: 2019-01-01T07:00:00-05:00. (UTC minus five hours). The use of the special character Z after the time can be used to indicate Zulu time (UTC time) as in the following: 2019-01-01T00:00:00Z. If no time zone is specified, the local time in the easternmost time zone of the territory for which content is being availed will be assumed. An avail for GB with a start time of 2019-01-01T09:00:00 will be interpreted as 9 a.m. in GB. If no time is supplied, a default of 23:59:59, corresponding to the end of the day in the easternmost time zone of the territory indicated is assumed.YYYY-MM-DD format, ISO Date+Time format, "Open" if no end date is available or, for preorders, "ESTStart" if that's when the pre-order avail ends (most cases for pre-orders).Required
RentalDurationTVOD: Rental period in hours.IntegerOptional
WatchDurationDuration after playback start, in hours.IntegerOptional
PriceTypeThe type of pricing that will be applied for TVOD titles. For TVOD titles on wholesale price terms, PriceType must be WSP. For TVOD titles on revenue-share terms, the PriceType must be Category. Use Tier, SRP, or NA only if instructed by your Content Acquisition Manager.Tier, WSP, SRP, Category, or NA.Required for TVOD
PriceValueThe value associated to the PriceType for TVOD titles. For TVOD titles on wholesale price terms, PriceValue must be a monetary value. For TVOD titles on revenue-share terms, PriceValue must be either Library or New Release.Library, New Release, monetary values (e.g., 10.49, 13.99)Required for TVOD
SRPSuggested local retail price. For TPRs specified in PriceType, SRP should be included.IntegerOptional
TitleStatus1The status of an SVOD title.Signed, PendingOptional
SeriesID2EIDR series ID.ControlledOptional
SeasonID2EIDR season ID.ControlledOptional
EpisodeTitleID or TitleID2Title-level EIDR for feature or episode.ControlledOptional
EpisodeID or EditID2Edit-level EIDR for feature or episode.ControlledOptional
SuppressionLiftDateDate on which we can display the earliest EST start date.YYYY-MM-DDRequired for POEST, otherwise Optional
ReleaseYearRelease year of title in earliest-released territory.YYYYNot Used
RentalDurationRental period in hours.IntegerOptional
CaptionIncludedIf "False/No" for US, CaptionExemption is required.BooleanRequired for US
CaptionExemptionWhy is this title exempt from captions in the US? For more information, see the EMA spec.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Required if exempt
ContractIDThe contract ID.Optional
ServiceProviderThe organization fulfilling on your behalf.Optional
HoldbackLanguageThese languages must be excluded from distribution in the specified territory/terms. If left blank, no holdbacks will be applied to the associated terms. LocalizationType values can also be appended to a language within this field. If this field is populated and there is no appended LocalizationType in this field, "any" and "subdub" are synonymous and assumed (any/all localizations of specified language are held back).RFC 5646 (":sub", ":dub", ":subdub", ":any" can be appended).Optional
HoldbackExclusionLanguage or AllowedLanguagesOnly these languages are allowed to be distributed in a specified territory/terms. Can't be used if HoldbackLanguage is populated. If HoldbackLanguage and this field are left blank, "any" is assumed. LocalizationType values can also be appended to a language within this field. If this field is populated and there is no appended LocalizationType in this field, "any" is assumed (any localizations of specified language can be displayed.RFC 5646 (":sub", ":dub", ":subdub", ":any" can be appended).Optional
GroupIdentity1The subscription to which these terms should be applied. This is important to distinguish between first-party subscriptions and third-party subscriptions, especially in Full Extract data entry methods.Optional
ALID1Logical Asset ID that references the fulfillment/content package.Required in v1.7+
SeriesContentID1Series Identifier for metadata.Required for "season" & "episode" in v1.7+
SeasonContentID1Season Identifier for metadata.Required for "season" & "episode" in v1.7+
EpisodeContentID or ContentID1Feature or Episode Identifier for metadata.Required for TV
UV_ID1Ultraviolet ID.Controlled by UV.Optional
DMA_ID1Movies Anywhere ID.Controlled by DMA.Optional
AvailIDUnique ID of the avail window/terms. Because of Prime Video’s support of prior EMA versions, AvailID is utilized in some existing avail workflows. Although the field remains optional, Prime Video recommends using the field.Optional
ExceptionFlagUse to flag when manual exceptions are required.BooleanOptional
WatchDurationDuration after playback start, in hours.IntegerOptional
OtherInstructionsOther instructions.Not Used
CompanyDisplayCreditThe name of the credited studio.Not Used
SpecialPreOrderFulfillDateUtilize only if not utilizing earliest EST start date.YYYY-MM-DDNot Used
DescriptionDescription of the transaction.Not Used
OtherTermsNot used by Prime Video.Not Used
MetadataNot used by Prime Video.Not Used
ReleaseHistoryOriginalFirst date of distribution.YYYY-MM-DDNot Used
ReleaseHistoryPhysicalHVInitial physical home video release.YYYY-MM-DDNot Used
vRatingSystemThe rating governing body. Used
RatingValueThe rating value of the title. Used
RatingReasonThe Rating Reason for the title.. Used
FixedEndDateNot used by Prime Video.Not Used
TotalRunTimeTotal Runtime.HH:MM:SS, minutesNot Used
DistributionNumber1Used for sub-volumes of a season.IntegerOptional
HDR1High Dynamic Range.Boolean, "DV" (DolbyVision), "HDR10"Optional
WCG1Wide Color Gamut.BooleanNot Used
HFR1High Frame Rate.BooleanNot Used
NGAudio1Next Generation Audio.BooleanNot Used
PriceCurrency1The currency associated to the price type.ISO 4217 currency codeOptional
ReportingID1Additional ID for reporting.Not Used
AnnounceDate1The date For pre-orders when can we announce customer availability.YYYY-MM-DDOptional
TerritoryExcluded1The territories to be excluded if there is a large set of included territories.ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codeOptional
Director1The director of the content.Not Used
StartLag1Positive or negative lag relative to start field.ISO 8601 durationNot Used
EndLag1Positive or negative lag relative to end field.ISO 8601 durationNot Used
WindowDuration1Duration of window. (Actual end = the lower of (End + EndLag) and (Start + Duration).ISO 8601 durationNot Used
Download1Can this title be downloaded?BooleanOptional
Exclusivity1Is this window exclusive to Prime Video?BooleanOptional
ExclusiveAttributes1The type of exclusivity rights granted to Amazon.Optional
BrandingRights1Does Prime Video have rights to brand this content?BooleanOptional
BrandingRightsAttributes1The type of branding rights granted to Amazon.Optional
RequiredFulfillmentLanguages1Required set of assets/languages to be fulfilled by licensor.RFC 5646 (":sub", ":dub", ":subdub", ":any" can be appended).Optional

1 Indicates that a field was introduced in EMA v1.7+.

2 The purpose of all ContentID fields have transitioned from fields that identify EIDR values in EMA v1.6 to fields that identify the Title Metadata files in EMA v1.7+. Proper mapping will be performed by Amazon based on versions of EMA inputs.

Currency map per territory

If a content provider submits avails for a territory without a default currency mapped, a default currency will be added to versions EMA 1.7+ and EMA 1.6 avails per the following currency-to-territory mapping table:

Country/region Country/region code Currency Currency code
Aland IslandsAXEurosEUR
AlgeriaDZAlgerian DinarDZD
American SamoaASUSDUSD
AngolaAOAngolan kwanzaAOA
AntarcticaAQAntarctican dollarAQD
Antigua and BarbudaAGEast Caribbean DollarXCD
AustralianAUAustralian DollarsAUD
BahamasBSBahamian DollarBSD
BahrainBHBahraini DinarBHD
BarbadosBBBarbadian DollarBBD
BelarusBYBelarus RubleBYR
BelizeBZBelizean DollarBZD
BhutanBTIndian RupeeINR
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaBQEurosEUR
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBABosnia and Herzegovina convertible markBAM
Bouvet IslandBVNorwegian KroneNOK
British Indian Ocean TerritoryIOSterlingGBP
Brunei DarussalamBNBruneian DollarBND
Burkina FasoBFCFA Franc BCEAOXOF
BurundiBIBurundi FrancBIF
CanadaCACanadian DollarCAD
Cape VerdeCVEscudoCVE
Cayman IslandsKYSterlingGBP
Central African RepublicCFCFA Franc BEACXAF
ChileCLChilean PesoCLP
ChinaCNYuan RenminbiCNY
Christmas IslandCXAustralian DollarsAUD
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsCCAustralian DollarsAUD
ComorosKMComoran FrancKMF
Congo (Kinshasa)CDCongolese FrankCDF
Congo-BrazzavilleCGCFA Franc BEACXAF
Cook IslandsCKNew Zealand DollarsNZD
Costa RicaCRCosta Rican ColonCRC
Croatia (Hrvatska)HRCroatian DinarHRK
CubaCUCuban PesoCUP
CyprusCYCypriot PoundCYP
Czech RepublicCZKorunaCZK
DenmarkDKDanish KroneDKK
DjiboutiDJDjiboutian FrancDJF
DominicaDMEast Caribbean DollarXCD
Dominican RepublicDODominican PesoDOP
East TimorTPIndonesian RupiahIDR
EgyptEGEgyptian PoundEGP
El SalvadorSVSalvadoran ColonSVC
Equatorial GuineaGQCFA Franc BEACXAF
EritreaEREthiopian BirrETB
EstoniaEEEstonian KroonEEK
EthiopiaETEthiopian BirrETB
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)FKSterlingGBP
Faroe IslandsFODanish KroneDKK
FijiFJFijian DollarFJD
French GuianaGFEurosEUR
French PolynesiaPFEurosEUR
French Southern TerritoriesTFEurosEUR
GhanaGHGhana cediGHS
GreenlandGLDanish KroneDKK
GrenadaGDEast Caribbean DollarXCD
GuineaGNGuinean FrancGNF
Guinea-BissauGWCFA Franc BCEAOXOF
GuyanaGYGuyanaese DollarGYD
Heard and Mc Donald IslandsHMAustralian DollarsAUD
IcelandISIcelandic KronaISK
IndiaINIndian RupeeINR
IndonesiaIDIndonesian RupiahIDR
Iran (Islamic Republic of)IRIranian RialIRR
IraqIQIraqi DinarIQD
Isle of ManIMSterlingGBP
JamaicaJMJamaican DollarJMD
JapanJPJapanese YenJPY
JordanJOJordanian DinarJOD
KenyaKEKenyan ShillingKES
KiribatiKIAustralian DollarsAUD
Korea NorthKPWonKPW
Korea SouthKRWonKRW
KuwaitKWKuwaiti DinarKWD
Lao People's Democratic RepublicLAKipLAK
LebanonLBLebanese PoundLBP
LiberiaLRLiberian DollarLRD
Libyan Arab JamahiriyaLYLibyan DinarLYD
LiechtensteinLISwiss FrancCHF
Macao S.A.R.MOPatacaMOP
MadagascarMGMalagasy FrancMGA
MalawiMWMalawian KwachaMWK
MaltaMTMaltese LiraMTL
Marshall IslandsMHUSDUSD
MauritiusMUMauritian RupeeMUR
Micronesia Federated States ofFMUSDUSD
Moldova Republic ofMDLeuMDL
NauruNRAustralian DollarsAUD
NepalNPNepalese RupeeNPR
Netherlands AntillesANEurosEUR
New CaledoniaNCEurosEUR
New ZealandNZNew Zealand DollarsNZD
NicaraguaNICordoba OroNIO
NiueNUNew Zealand DollarsNZD
Norfolk IslandNFAustralian DollarsAUD
Northern Mariana IslandsMPUSDUSD
NorwayNONorwegian KroneNOK
OmanOMSul RialOMR
Palestinian TerritoryPSJordanian dinarJOD
Papua New GuineaPGKinaPGK
PeruPENuevo SolPEN
Russian FederationRURubleRUB
RwandaRWRwanda FrancRWF
Saint BarthelemyBLEurosEUR
Saint HelenaSHSterlingGBP
Saint KittsKNEast Caribbean DollarXCD
Saint LuciaLCEast Caribbean DollarXCD
Saint Martin (French part)MFEurosEUR
Saint Pierre and MiquelonPMEurosEUR
Saint Vincent GrenadinesVCEast Caribbean DollarXCD
San MarinoSMEurosEUR
Sao Tome and PrincipeSTDobraSTD
Saudi ArabiaSARiyalSAR
SerbiaRSSerbian dinarRSD
Sierra LeoneSLLeoneSLL
Sint Maarten (Dutch part)SXEurosEUR
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)SKKorunaSKK
Solomon IslandsSBSolomon Islands DollarSBD
South AfricaZARandZAR
South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsGSSterlingGBP
Sri LankaLKRupeeLKR
SurinameSRSurinamese GuilderSRD
Svalbard and Jan Mayen IslandsSJNorwegian KroneNOK
SwitzerlandCHSwiss FrancCHF
Syrian Arab RepublicSYSyrian PoundSYP
TajikistanTJTajikistan RubleTJS
TokelauTKNew Zealand DollarsNZD
Trinidad and TobagoTTTrinidad and Tobago DollarTTD
TunisiaTNTunisian DinarTND
Turks and Caicos IslandsTCSterlingGBP
TuvaluTVAustralian DollarsAUD
United Arab EmiratesAEDirhamAED
United KingdomGBSterlingGBP
United StatesUSUSDUSD
United States Minor Outlying IslandsUMUSDUSD
Vatican City State (Holy See)VAEurosEUR
Virgin Islands (British)VGSterlingGBP
Virgin Islands (US)VIUSDUSD
Wallis and Futuna IslandsWFEurosEUR
Western SaharaEHDirhamMAD
ZimbabweZWZimbabwe DollarZWD

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