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New experience


Switching to the Global Spec will enable Prime Video to offer all worldwide customers the widest possible selection of content with a flexible, multi-lingual playback experience.

Eliminates duplicates and expands localization

Current experience
Image showing the current carousel entries

New experience
Image of new localized experience



  • A single semi-textless video source is required eliminating additional video for worldwide delivery.
  • Better discovery of your content by removing duplicates.
  • Cross market localization (subs and dubs) accessibility (where rights permit).
  • Localized trailers will become available which will make for a better customer experience and higher engagement with titles.
  • Movielabs' industry standard EMA avails drive cross market offers on a worldwide basis.
  • Simplified worldwide content offers.
Conceptual graphic showing all marketplaces merging into a single delivery

Delivery impact

Depending on which marketplaces you have been delivering for, the impact to your required deliveries will vary. The following is a brief overview of the expected changes and you can expect expanded details in the near future:

  • If you have been delivering for Classic Marketplaces (US, UK, DE, and JP) only, you will need to be onboarded to the Global Spec.
  • If you deliver to Global and Classic Marketplaces, you will need to transition to Global only deliveries for all territories.
  • If you are already delivering to Global Marketplaces only , this change will have minimal impact to your delivery process.










All Regions

Texted master


Dynamic fulfillment
enables regional cuts

Semi-textless master





Separate 4K UHD/HDR title required


Not needed

Descriptive audio support


Discrete dubbed audio support





Timed text


Discrete forced narratives





Discrete dub cards





Burned-in dub cards


MMC XML manifest





MEC XML metadata





Amazon XML metadata & manifest


Not accepted

Amazon XLS metadata


Not accepted

File naming convention


No restrictions

Discrete VAM for TVOD, regionalized VAM





4X3 Images


16X9 Images





Auto title matching and single customer offer detail page






Localized detail pages and box art by language preference






Localized trailers


Market-specific compliance cuts or title branding

Cross-market language accessibility (dubs and subs)






EMA Avails

Distinct offers by region

Worldwide content offers






Single detail page for Prime Video Direct customers






Rent, buy, pre-orders, language holdbacks & bundling


Cross-market data sharing





1 Only one additional language supported.

Important workflow changes

With this catalog change, we will be surfacing all delivered secondary localization assets (timed text and dubs) across all licensed territories unless specified otherwise in the EMA Avails file. If you want to block an asset in any region, a holdback needs to be placed in the EMA upon delivery of the asset. Please refer to Content rights under Language Fields for detailed instructions.

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