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Video Central publishes reports for two main categories — Business Reports displays commercial information like royalty payments and subscription data and Delivery Reports which provide insights into supply chain performance and defects.

To access Business Reports, your user account must have Reporting permissions. To access Delivery Reports, your user account must have File Delivery permissions.

Business Reports

Business Reports are available as a sub-section on the Reports tab in Video Central. Video Central offers commercial reporting to support the following Prime Video businesses:

  • Transactional Video On-Demand (TVOD)
  • Prime Channels
  • Cost-Per-Hour Subscription Video On-Demand (CPH SVOD)
  • Live Events
  • Ad-Supported Video On-Demand (AVOD; IMDb TV)

Report availability varies by report type, with publishing cadences including daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Different report types are made available at the discretion of your studio’s licensing agreement with Amazon and at the discretion of our business teams.

The reports that are available for your account vary. Below is a complete list of reports.

Business Line Report Type Frequency
TVOD Free Daily
Paid Daily, Weekly
Prime Channels Usage VOD Weekly, Monthly
Subscription Weekly, Monthly
Conversion and Retention Monthly
Usage Live Weekly, Monthly
Financial Monthly
Cost-Per-Hour SVOD Performance Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Earnings Monthly
Live Events Usage VOD Weekly, Monthly
Usage Live Weekly, Monthly
Subscription Weekly, Monthly
Financial Monthly
AVOD (IMDb TV) Usage VOD Monthly

All report types are available as downloadable comma separated value sheets (.csv). To download, click the down arrow next to the report type and the frequency you want to view. Select the date or date range, and then click the one you want to download. You can use this to download reports from previous time periods.

When you see , this indicates a report is available and can be downloaded for that time period. When No activity appears, it indicates that the reporting period has ended and that no transactions were recorded during the reporting period. When appears, it indicates that a report isn't applicable to that time period.

Delivery Reports

Delivery Reports are available as a sub-section on the Reports tab in Video Central, available to both studio partners and digital aggregators (e.g., posthouses, Language Service Providers) that fulfill on behalf of a studio.

This section provides downloadable reports on historical delivery performance, along with visualizations to identify trends and recurring delivery defects. Delivery Reports enables you to evaluate delivery performance for different categories of content and identify improvement opportunities, aiming to answer three questions:

  1. How am I performing?

    The Delivery Success Rate report shows how frequently your content is delivered successfully. The data can be filtered on multiple attributes, including the file type and the entity managing deliveries. This report is supported by the Delivery Success Rate chart at the top of the page, a visualization that allows you to filter by date range, territory, delivering entity, and file type.

  2. What is going wrong with my deliveries?

    The Error Summary report shows error codes sorted on the frequency of their occurrence, enabling you to focus on fixing the top repeated errors. This report is supported by the Top 10 Errors table, which identifies the biggest opportunity areas for your supply chain. As a studio, this section will give you insights into recurring delivery errors introduced by any third-parties who fulfill for you. As a posthouse, this table will display recurring delivery errors that you have introduced for your studio clients.

  3. How can I verify which files are in error?

    The Error Log report shows the log of file deliveries with errors, enabling you to verify any specific data point. This report allows you to dive deep into the data underlying either the Delivery Success Rate or Top 10 Errors visualizations.

Amazon shows that a file has been successful or a failure after validation. If you delivered an asset file (video, audio, timed text, captions, dubbed audio) that requires an asset manifest for it to be validated, it won't appear in your Delivery Reports until the asset manifest is also delivered.

Below is a glossary of terms that you will find in the Delivery Reports .csv downloads and in the visualizations.

Field Description Sample Values
Territory The territory for which the delivery was made. All territories outside of the Classic catalogs are part of Global. US, UK, DE, JP, Global

File Type The type of file delivered. Metadata, Video, Audio, TimedText, Image
Content Type The type of content the delivery was meant for. TV, Movie

Delivered For The studio for whom the deliuvery was made. amazon_studios

Delivered By The entity who made the delivery. deluxe_media

Error Type A code that identifies the reason of a delivery failure, in case of a failed delivery e.g., Invalid Genre, silent audio channel, etc.  
Received Date and Time (UTC) when Amazon received the delivery. Format: 'YYYY-MM-DD' T 'HH-MM-SS'
Matched to Manifest Date and Time (UTC) when the delivery was matched to an asset manifest (only applicable for asset files: Video, Audio, TimedText, Image). Format: 'YYYY-MM-DD' T 'HH-MM-SS'
Error Generated Date and Time (UTC) when the delivery was failed by Amazon due to an error in the delivery. Format: 'YYYY-MM-DD' T 'HH-MM-SS'

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