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Images are a key way for customers to discover and interact with your content on Prime Video. We have specific requirements for TV and movie images as outlined below.

Technical specifications

  • Resolution
    • TV season image   Preferred: 2560px x 1920px; Minimum: 1600px x1200px
    • Episodic image   Preferred: 2560px x1920px; Minimum: 640px x 460px or 640px x 480px
    • Movie   Preferred: 1920px x 2560px; Minimum: 1200px x 1600px
    • Images exceeding 10,000 pixels on any side will be rejected.
  • Aspect Ratio
    • TV   4:3
    • Movies   3:4
  • Format   JPEG or PNG
  • Color Space   RGB

Editorial requirements

  • Images must include the name of the feature or series they accompany.
    • Localized images are accepted for the US, UK, DE, and JP territories. For all other marketplaces, only the OV (original version) image will be published. For complete details on localized images, see the Packaging Summary.
  • Images are required for all movie content.
  • Images containing realistic/non-stylized or life-like depictions of deceased human characters (actual or fiction) aren't permissible for cover art or primary marketing graphics.
  • Each season of a series must be delivered with an image.
  • Season-level images should contain the name of the Series and Season number, or other designation, such as volume number.
  • Amazon sometimes adds a "sash" in the upper left-hand corner of the image for titles. It's preferable for images to not include critical material in this area of the image. The size of these sashes varies depending on device.
  • Episode-level images are required for TV content in addition to a separate season-level image. If supplying episode-level images, each episode within a season must have an episode-level image (excluding bonus content, such as trailers, season recaps, sneak peeks, etc.).
    • Episode-level images should be screenshots from that episode.
    • Episode-level images should contain persons or objects representative of that episode.

Restricted content

Don't include the following image elements:

  • Bugs, logos, and watermarks
  • References to other formats or format-specific logos ("Now on DVD," Blu-Ray logos, etc.)
  • Studio or network logos
  • Callouts to external websites, other distribution platforms, or theatrical release dates
  • Borders: When your image is scaled, borders may partially or completely disappear
  • Small text: When your image is scaled, it might become unreadable
  • Padding: Using letterboxing or pillarboxing to fit images to spec makes your image look inconsistent within the Prime Video customer experience
  • On-screen text (title treatment, credits, subtitles, etc.)
  • Drug use, nudity, or sexually-suggestive content
  • Someone harming or fighting another individual, guns, or other weapons. If an image containing a weapon cannot be avoided, please avoid images with weapons pointed directly at the viewer or an individual in the video.
  • Spoilers: Don't include spoilers for the plot of the episode. For elimination-based reality TV shows, attempt to keep the competitors' identities obscured as much as possible as the season progresses so as not to reveal winners/losers.

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