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MEC title metadata

Prime Video accepts localized title metadata in the Media Entertainment Core (MEC) metadata specification v2.6, authored by MovieLabs.

The XSD and documentation for this specification is found in the MovieLabs MEC section. In addition to following the schema and specification as outlined by MovieLabs, Prime Video has supplemental requirements (fields, vocabulary, etc.) to support the customer experience. The following sections describe these requirements, as well as the delivery and update workflows necessary to successfully deliver MEC title metadata to Prime Video.

This isn't intended to be a replacement of the MEC documentation, but a supplement to describe how Prime Video has implemented this specification. When delivering MEC title metadata files, they are subject to the file naming rules.

Metadata Delivery Workflows

If any changes are required for MEC metadata, updates to any previously-submitted metadata must include the same ContentID as the previous submission. Prime Video will accept the most recently-received submission as the most authoritative based on file received timestamps.

Redeliveries or updates from, or on behalf of, studios are processed as a full replace. Providing a new value in a field updates that field. Omitting a field in an update results in removal of that field. Prime Video reserves the right to verify updates prior to processing them and to process updates in a manner that ensures the best customer experience.

Delivering Complete Seasons

The MEC title metadata specification doesn't allow for all episodes of a season to be delivered in the same XML file. Each episode must be delivered in a separate file. Use the ParentContentID field to indicate the season to which an episode belongs.

Prime Video prefers delivery of the Series, Season, and Episode XMLs together (e.g., catalog content); if they can't be delivered together (e.g., current TV), the metadata must be delivered in the following order: Series, Season, and Episode.

MEC Field List

The table below summarizes the available MEC fields along with Prime Video-specific notes. The Field Name column lists MEC fields and indicates the hierarchy of the fields through indentation. Attributes for fields are indicated by the "@" symbol. Accepted Values lists the acceptable values or indicates the type of value expected for each field. If left blank, it indicates a string is acceptable. Unless otherwise specified, string inputs are limited to 250 characters. All inputs are limited to UTF-8 characters. Prime Video Usage indicates whether the field is required, optional, or not used by Amazon. The following table and notes are in addition to the documentation and definitions provided by MovieLabs. Should any conflict or tension occur between the two, notes and guidelines provided below shall be considered definitive for deliveries to Prime Video.

Caution: Special characters and accented characters used in the synopsis fields of an MEC file will cause the file to fail in our system. The following can be used to represent some special characters:

Symbol Enter
< &lt;
> &gt;
& &amp;
' &apos;
" &quot;
| |
. .
# #
/ /
! !

Specifically for Genre, at least one genre is required in at least one LocalizedInfo section. The code for each genre selection must be included in the ID attribute. Three unique genres total are allowed per title. For example, Action – Epic and Action – Historical would count as two genres. See the Genre List for a more complete discussion of genres.

Field Name Definition & Notes Accepted Values Prime Video Usage
          @ContentID ID of the metadata provided. Should follow the MovieLabs ID best practices. Updates to previously-submitted metadata must include the same ContentID.   Required
          UpdateNum Amazon will use the most recently received file as the latest update as determined by delivery timestamp. Integer Not used
          LocalizedInfo This block includes elements that may be localized. At least one is required.   Required
                    @Language Must be a value from the list of Prime Video acceptable Languages.   Required
                    @Default Must be included for one instance of LocalizedInfo for the language of original production. Boolean Not used
                    TitleDisplay19 19-character limit.   Optional
                    TitleDisplay60 60-character limit.   Optional
                    TitleDisplayUnlimited 250-character limit. This is the title field used by Amazon. The words "episode" and "season", if used, should always be localized in the same language as the associated synopsis. If this is for season level, then the series name should be included in the season title. A number should also be used to indicate a season.   Required
                    TitleSort Title sort is required by the MEC XSD, but isn't used by Amazon. It's permissable to provide empty tags to satisfy the XSD:
  Not used
                    ArtReference This is used by Amazon. Artwork must be associated with a title via the art reference section in the MEC file.   Required
                              @Resolution This is the resolution of the image being delivered.   Required
                              @Purpose This is the purpose of the image being delivered.   Required
                    Summary190 190-character limit. Summary190 is required by the MEC XSD. If this isn't available, it's permissible to provide empty tags to satisfy the XSD:
                    Summary400 400-character limit. This is the synopsis field required by Amazon.   Required
                    Summary4000 4,000-character limit.   Optional
                    DisplayIndicators Intended to capture information that may affect customer UI. Examples include "CC" (Closed Captions), "DVS", "Premier" (season premier), etc.   Not used
                    Genre At least one Prime Video genre, not defined by MEC, in at least one LocalizedInfo section is required. Up to three genre entries allowed for each LocalizedInfo section.   Required
                              @source URL identifying the source of the genre list. If providing genres from multiple lists, distinguish the genre list for each entry using this attribute.   Optional
                              @ID ID code for genre. Required for Amazon genres. See genre list for genre values and codes.   Required
                              @level "0" indicates parent level. "1" indicates sub-genre. Indication of levels isn't required for Amazon genres. Integer Optional
                    Keyword Keywords are often culturally specific, so different keywords may exist for different regions. At this time, no keywords are defined.   Optional
                    VersionNotes A descriptive statement about the reason why this cut was created or what its content represents with reference to other versions of this work. Don't include information about the language of the title in this field.   Optional
                    Region The region(s) where the work is intended to be broadcast or shown.   Optional
                              Country The country where the work is intended to be broadcast or shown. ISO 3166-1 Optional
                              CountryRegion The country-region where the work is intended to be broadcast or shown.   Not used
                    OriginalTitle Original title of the content.   Optional
                    CopyrightLine Displayable copyright line.   Optional
                    PeopleLocal Individuals involved in a localized production of the work (typically voice actors for dubbing). Don't use for localized versions of cast names. Note: See the People section below for the full list of attributes available in the People type.   Optional
                    AlternateTitle This section is used to communicate commonly-known alternate titles for content.   Not used
                              @type Various types should be used for the type attribute describing an AlternateTitle element.   Not used
                              @language Alternate titles may include a language attribute to indicate a language different from the language attribute in the parent element.   Not used
                              RunLength Specify to at least seconds. Zero is recommended for season and series.   Optional
                              ReleaseYear The first year the work was released in any territory.   Required
                              ReleaseDate Full date of the first release in any territory.   Required
                              ReleaseHistory Information about releases of the content.   Required for ReleaseType = Original
                    ReleaseType The type of release of the content. Original, Broadcast, DVD, Blu-ray, PayTV, InternetBuy, InternetRent, Theatrical, SVOD. Enumerated Required for Release History
                              @wide Indicates a wide release, particularly for theatrical. Boolean Not used
                    DistrTerritory Country code for distribution territory. ISO 3166-1 Required for Release History
                    Date May include year, full date or date and time. Provide as much specificity as available.   Required for Release History
                              @scheduled Indicates date is scheduled. Boolean Not used
                    Description Description of the release.   Optional
                    ReleaseOrg Organization involved with the release for the release history.   Optional
                              @organizationID Organization’s unique ID.   Optional
                              @idType ID scheme used for organizationID.   Optional
                              @role Role of the associated organization.   Optional
                              DisplayName A string that will be displayed when referring to this group.   Required for ReleaseOrg
                              SortName Sortable version of name. If the display name and the sort name are the same, the SortName element may be excluded.   Optional
                              AlternateName Other names for this organization.   Optional
                              WorkType Type of the work. Prime Video accepts movie, episode, promotion, season, series. Enumerated Required
                              WorkTypeDetail More specific definition of WorkType to allow a more detailed description.   Optional
                              PictureColorType Color type of asset.   Not used
                              PictureFormat A textual description of the aspect ratio format type. This field doesn't contain the actual aspect ratio.   Not used
                              Aspect Ratio Aspect ratio of active pixels.   Not used
                              AltIdentifier The ID used in the avail must also be included here with the appropriate namespace (EIDR or ORG).   Required
                    Namespace Accepted values: EIDR, ISAN, IMDB, ORG. Exactly one ID of either EIDR or ORG must be included and its Identifier value must correspond to the ALID from the MMC and the AltID from the Avail.   Required
                    Identifier This value must be the ID string only and not a MovieLabs ID URN. For example, provide "manchester" instead of "md:contentid:org:amazon:manchester"   Required
                    Location Provide URI to lookup the id (e.g., EIDR or IMDB link)   Optional
                              RatingSet Provide all ratings available. If no ratings are available, use <md:notrated>true</md:notrated>. "true" is case sensitive.   Required
                    Rating Content rating.   Required
                              Region The region(s) where rating applies.   Required
                                        Country ISO country code of applicable country where rating applies ISO 3166-1 Required
                                        CountryRegion The country-region(s) where rating applies.   Not used
                              System The values provided in the System and Value fields should conform to the common metadata ratings provided by MovieLabs.   Required
                              Value See the note above in the System field.   Required
                              Reason Reasons for the rating (e.g., violence).   Optional
                    NotRated Indication that the work hasn't received a rating from any ratings body in any territory. This may only be included if no ratings are provided and should be omitted if ratings are provided. Boolean Required if no Ratings provided
                    IsAdult Indication of adult content. There is no standard definition of this flag and it's used at the discretion of the licensor. Boolean Optional
                              @condition Indicates why the content isn't rated.   Optional
                              People Include Actor, Director, and Producer entries, as applicable. Amazon requires at least one Director for movies and at least one job function for TV. Maximum 100 entries.   Required
                    Job Description of job.   Required for People
                              JobFunction Role in production of media. Prime Video accepts Director, Producer, Actor, Writer and Creator.   Required for People
                              JobDisplay Displayable version of role.   Not used
                                        @language Language of JobDisplay.   Not used
                              BillingBlockOrder Order of listing, starting with 1. If missing, implies infinity and may be listed in any order. Integer Optional
                              Character For Actor entries, what role(s) they are playing.   Optional
                              Guest Whether this is a guest role. Boolean Optional
                    Name This section defines person identification for the purposes of metadata.   Required for People
                              DisplayName Name of the person identified. May provide multiple entries with the language attribute to provide localizations of the name where appropriate.   Required for People
                                        @language Note that if a language attribute isn't supplied for DisplayName, the language identified in OriginalLanguage will be assumed.   Optional
                              SortName Name used to sort. May be excluded if identical to DisplayName.   Optional
                                        @language Language of SortName.   Optional
                              FirstGivenName First name   Optional
                              SecondGivenName Second name   Optional
                              FamilyName Family name   Optional
                              Suffix Suffix   Optional
                              Moniker Alternative name   Optional
                    Identifier Assuming there is an identifier associated with the person, this structure holds information about that identifier.   Optional
                              Identifier Identifier associated with this individual within the Namespace.   Required for Identifier
                              Namespace Namespace for Identifier.   Required for Identifier
                              ReferenceLocation Location associated for the identifier within the namespace. This is expected to be an online reference to information about the individual.   Optional
                    Gender Gender of the individual.   Optional
                    CountryOfOrigin Defined as the "generally accepted country of reference".   Required
                              country The country from where the title originates. ISO 3166-1 Optional
                              countryRegion The country-region from where the title originates.   Not used
                              PrimarySpokenLanguage Language spoken throughout the work. May have more than one.   Optional
                              OriginalLanguage Language identified as the original production of the work (i.e. the "OV" language). This is generally the language used for the title treatment and/or credits of the work. Only one value allowed.   Required
                              VersionLanguage Used only if the title described is edited for a particular language release. Not common.   Optional
                              AssociatedOrg One entry with organizationalID = Prime Video Partner Alias and role value = "licensor" is required.   Required
                    @organizationalID Unique ID for the organization. Prime Video-provided Partner Alias should be included here.   Required
                    @idType ID scheme used for the organizationalID. Not required if @role= "licensor." Acceptable for other entries.   Optional
                    @role One entry with the value of "licensor" is required. "LSP" is also accepted to identify an LSP delivery.   Required
                    DisplayName Organization name - human readable. This is required by the XSD but not Prime Video.   Optional
                    SortName Sortable version of name organization.   Optional
                    AlternateName Alternative name of name organization.   Optional
                              SequenceInfo Sequence information for seasons and episodes.   Required for WorkType episode or season.
                    Number This is the sequence number that will be used by Amazon to order episodes within seasons and seasons within series. If episodes were intended to be 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4, then they would have Number values of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Integer Required for WorkType episode or season.
                    DistributionNumber A flexible, but mainly numeric, representation of the sequence of release within a set or season as used in distribution.   Not used
                              @domain The namespace domain for the element.   Not used
                    HouseSequence Identifier used internally for the asset. This might not be ordered the same as Number and is general in format allowing the inclusion of season or other information.   Not used
                              @domain The namespace domain for the element.   Not used
                    AlternateNumber Another identifier by which this item is known, e.g., a number used by a distributor, such as a network, that doesn't fall into the above definitions.   Not used
                              @domain The namespace domain for the element.   Not used
                              Parent The parent metadata object.   Required for worktype "Promotion", "episode" or "season".
                    @relationshipType "isepisodeof" = Episode of a season, "isseasonof" = Season of a series, "ispromotionfor" = Bonus or promotional material for a season (i.e. trailers, season recaps, behind the scenes, etc.) These should have a work-type of "promotion." Enumerated Required for Parent
                    ParentContentID ContentID of the parent. e.g., for an episode, this would be the ContentID of the season metadata.   Required if parent metadata isn't provided
                    [Parent metadata] Nested parent metadata information. This is accepted by Prime Video.   Required if ParentContentID isn't provided
mdmec:CompanyDisplayCredit At least one entry for CompanyDisplayCredit is required. This provides the customer-facing studio credit line. May be optionally localized by language and by territory. A single line limited to 250 characters is supported for any given language or territory.   Required
                              DisplayString Customer-facing company credit line.   Required
                    @language Language of DisplayString. If blank, then all languages.   Optional
                              Region Region for which credit applies.   Optional
                    Country Country for which credit applies. ISO 3166-1 Optional
                    Countryregion Country-region for which credit applies.   Not used
                              DisplaySequence Order of display. Lower-numbered entries are displayed before higher-numbered entries. Integer Optional

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