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The Titles tab in Video Central provides visibility for your Prime Video catalog, title status (e.g., Error, In progress, Published), and storefront offers (e.g., SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, FVOD) created from content rights (Avails) delivered. The Video Central portal allows you to self-serve queries like, but not limited to, the following:

  • Title name or SKU ID research
  • Title publish/takedown status queries
  • Episode count or run-order queries

Title UI

On the Titles tab, title names, title ID, last updated date and time, title status, and offer status associated with each title appear.

The catalog is divided into two sections — Movies and Episodic. For each section, the search box can be used to search by title name or title ID.

Movies section

Episodic section

The Title column contains the name of the title delivered through title metadata. The Title column can also be sorted by ascending or descending order. If a valid movie metadata file hasn't been delivered for a title but an MMC manifest has, the default Missing title metadata appears instead. The Episodic section is hierarchically modeled as TV series containing one or more seasons and seasons containing one or more episodes. The rolled up season row can be expanded to view season level statuses (Season Offer and Season Pass) and the episodes and its statuses within it. By default, a rolled up season row isn't expanded.

The Title ID column contains the SKU. A SKU is a unique ID that you provided within your avail and metadata submissions.

The Last updated column contains the date and time signature of when the title was last updated. The Last updated columns is used as the default sort order (descending order) for the Titles tab.

Title status

The Title status column contains the rolled up view of the title status.




A title is in error if one or more delivered title assets have failed validation.

In Progress

A title is in progress when it's awaiting required title asset deliveries, awaiting content rights (Avails) delivery, or it is in processing before pubishing is executed. Please refer to the Request or Delivery tabs for more information on pending or failed assets that might be blocking publish. If an asset is complete, then the status updates to Published when all encoding and transcoding is complete.


A title is in published state when all required title assets have been delivered, all errors have been resolved, and it's published in the Prime Video catalog.

A title can be in multiple states at one time (e.g., Published in FR territory, but awaiting delivery of a required asset for MX territory). Title status uses a priority listing order by rolling up territorial specific statuses. If a title is in error in any territory, Error status supersedes all other territory specific statuses.

The listing priority of Title status is as follows:

  1. Error
  2. In progress
  3. Published

Error status window — Movie

Error status window — TV series

Offer status

The Offer status column contains the storefront offers created from content rights (Avails) delivered for the title. The offer statuses are divided into four offer types.

Offer Type



Subscription Video on Demand (e.g., Prime, Channel).


Transactional Video on Demand. TVOD contains EST (Electronic Sell Through, Buy) and VOD (Video on Demand, Rent).


Ad (Advertising) Video on Demand (free to consumers).


Free Video on Demand.

If a valid content right file hasn't been delivered for a title and thus no offers generated, No rights specified appears in the Offer status column.

The green highlighted offer type represents the title having a valid storefront offer which is generated from delivery of content rights and the offer date being in window. An offer type that isn't highlighted represents no offer exists for that offer type or that the offer date is out of window.

Clicking any of the offer types in the Offer status column opens the Offer status window. This window contains details on the offers that were generated from rights delivered.

Within the Offer status window, navigate to any of the other offer types by clicking the corresponding offer type tab.

Offer status — SVOD

Offer status — TVOD

Offer status — AVOD

Offer status — FVOD

The Status column contains territory specific offer status which can be either Live or Out of window.




A storefront offer has been generated from a valid delivery of content rights and the offer date is in window.

Out of window

A storefront offer has been generated from a valid delivery of content rights, but the offer date is Out of window (end date is in the past or the start date is in the future).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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