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Content removal

Full Extract and Full Delete are used to remove content from Prime Video.

Full Extract means you're submitting new or updated avail scopes to replace current and future avail entries within the same scope. Prime Video defines scope as the unique combination of licensor, unique ID, territory, and the rights model (e.g., TVOD, SVOD, etc.). A unique ID is represented by an Alt ID in EMA v1.6 and an ALID in EMA v1.7.

Take down/expire live offers

Please review the following Full Extract guidance:

  • Always submit Full Extract avails with End dates to expire live offers.
  • To immediately expire a live offer, use an avails End date of one day prior to the date of submission.

    For example, if taking down a live offer on 2021-04-05, deliver new Full Extract avails with End = 2021-04-04

  • You should expect to use Full Extract most of the time. Full Delete should only be used for cases that meet specific criteria.

Full Delete

Full Delete has no impact on the customer-facing website and can't be used to expire already-live content. Only use Full Delete for situations that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Remove a recently submitted erroneous/mistake avail scope

    For example, use if you submitted an incorrect SKU/Alt ID/ALID, or license type, or territory, or licensor in a scope.

  • Never intend to publish the same SKU/Alt ID/ALID with the same scope
  • Never previously published the same SKU/Alt ID/ALID

If your situation doesn't meet all of the above criteria, you must use Full Extract with end-dates to expire your avails.

Note: Although Full Delete completely removes avail scopes from the Prime Video avails system, it has no impact on the customer-facing website or offers’ status. Use extreme caution and review the above criteria to know when to use Full Delete.

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