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In certain territories, Prime Video allows discrete audio file delivery containing localized dubs or descriptive audio of a program's content. For information on a territory-by-territory basis, see the Supported features table. Each language requires delivery of a separate audio asset, and all assets must conform to the video mezzanine delivered for that title.

For titles previously delivered to the Global marketplace, content partners have the option to send discrete audio to enable additional languages. This is dependent on the original video being semi-textless. When delivering assets to accompany previously-delivered video mezzanines, all additional assets must use the same identifiers as the previously-delivered sources. If you require a low-resolution proxy file of the mezzanine previously delivered to Prime Video to conform audio or timed text in additional languages, contact your operations account manager.

Technical guidelines for audio files and audio channel mapping

The following is the complete list of acceptable audio source formats:

  • PCM (ipcm) audio in a QuickTime .mov container
  • PCM (ipcm) audio in an MPEG-2 transport stream
  • AAC audio in an .mp4 container
  • PCM (ipcm) audio in a self-contained .wav file

Prime Video also accepts .wav files for stereo-only sources due to the 4 GB size limit of this format. If your assets are saved in a format other than those listed, it might be possible for Prime Video to accept these files as-is. Consult with your Prime Video Partner Operations Manager to confirm compatibility of other asset types.

Only deliver fully-mixed program tracks. Additional tracks, like music and effects (M&E) and silent (MOS), must be removed prior to delivery.

Audio validation

To minimize delivery of out-of-spec audio assets, manual or automated quality control testing can be performed on audio files prior to delivery. Some of the common issues are as follows:

  • One-hour offset in audio files
  • Too many audio channels
  • Too few audio channels
  • Mismatched video and audio durations (times must be within 2.0 seconds of each other)
  • Non-standard sample rates
  • Long silent periods
  • Multiple languages across audio tracks
  • Non-program audio included in audio mixes. Music and Effects (M&E), MOS, silent tracks and commentary tracks must be removed.

Descriptive audio

In our effort to further support blind and visually impaired customers, Prime Video fully supports descriptive audio or "narration." Descriptive audio consists of a narrator talking through the presentation, describing what is happening on the screen or stage during the natural pauses in the audio, and sometimes during dialogue if deemed necessary.

To deliver descriptive audio, content partners must adhere to the following instructions, depending on delivery method:

Audio in Prime Video Simple Asset Manifest

Audio in File Name Convention

Audio in Media Manifest Core (MMC)

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