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SD/HD/4K UHD requirements

If you are delivering an SD/HD or 4K UHD title to the Global marketplace, you will need to deliver the following components. For details and requirements, see the individual asset specifications. For a list of delivery requirements by territory, see the Packaging Summary.

Semi-textless video mezzanine

The video mezzanine contains the video content of the title. Video mezzanines should also include one embedded audio track and should be semi-textless, only containing forced narratives for creative intent (e.g., dates, locations, etc.). For details and definitions of mezzanine types, see Video requirements.

Alternate audio

Alternate audio assets are sources that contain 5.1 and/or stereo dubbed audio localized to a specific language or descriptive audio intended for the blind or visually impaired. Each language must be delivered as a separate, discrete asset conformed to match the accompanying video mezzanine. For more details, see Audio requirements.

Forced narratives

Forced Narratives (also known as Forced Subtitles) are timed text assets that translate on-screen text or foreign dialogue that is in a language other than the main audio content of the feature. Corresponding forced narratives are required for every Alternate Audio language. For more details, see Timed Text requirements .

Full subtitles

Full Subtitles are timed text assets that provide transcription of all dialogue for a title. Full Subtitles must also include all content included in the Forced Narrative for that title. For details, see Timed Text requirements.

Dub cards

Dub cards are assets that list voice actors who have played major roles in the localized voice acting for a title. Prime Video accepts discrete video files as sources for dub cards as long as there is an embedded audio track. For more details, see Dub cards requirements.


Images are the key art displayed on product detail pages and in search results. For details, see Images requirements.

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