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Renewing previously delivered content

When renewing content, please review the following:

  • If previously delivered content has expired offer windows and you want to renew/re-avail those offers, then submit Full Extract avails with the updated offer window dates.
  • These avails must use the same unique ID (SKU) that was used for the original metadata and avail delivery.
  • When only re-availing the same assets, don't deliver new metadata or a new full asset package. Delivering a new package or using a different SKU creates title duplicates in our system and blocks publishing in most cases.
  • When re-availing and updating playable assets on the title (e.g., a new editorial release), mezzanine video and metadata must be redelivered to replace the old versions. However, the SKU used in the original avail and metadata must be reused with the replacement assets to avoid title duplicates.

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