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Linear feed requirements

This article details the requirements specific to Prime Video Channels partners who require one or more live linear feeds. To ensure customers are presented with the best experience, please follow the guidelines provided.

Amazon works with the linear aggregator Gracenote, who feeds through linear images, metadata, and schedules to the Prime Video catalog. At the start of each Channel Onboarding, your Prime Video operational contact will ask you to confirm whether you're already providing linear metadata, schedules, ratings, and images to Gracenote. In parallel, we ask Gracenote to confirm if they're able to source your information on time. Gracenote can source these deliverables from you, or occasionally they can source from another entity.

Linear deliverables

To manage a linear feed, Prime Video requires that partners send images, ratings, metadata (e.g., title and short synopsis), and broadcast schedules to Gracenote:

  • Images: The images you supply to Gracenote must follow the same rules as deliveries for VOD titles, across all Classic and Global territories. For TV content, we require a season image, and we request episodic artwork when it's available. Learn more about Images on Video Central Support. The resolution requirements are as follows:
    • Movie key art: 3:4 images; Preferred: 1920px x 2560px; Minimum: 1200px x 1600px
    • TV season image: 4:3 images; Preferred: 2560px x 1920px; Minimum: 1600px x1200px
    • Episodic image: 4:3 images; Preferred: 2560px x1920px; Minimum: 640px x 460px or 640px x 480px
  • Ratings: Ratings are required for all programs broadcast on your linear feed, in line with the ratings schema associated with the territory of your linear feed. This input ensures that customers provide the necessary PIN prompt to view mature content in territories that have this restriction. Learn more about Ratings on Video Central Support.
  • Metadata: Prime Video requires title metadata for all programs in the local language of the linear feed. Please work with your contact at Gracenote to deliver all metadata inputs in line with their required specifications. We request that you provide metadata and schedule updates to Gracenote within Prime Video delivery Service Level Agreements seven calendar days prior to broadcast. Any updates sent within 36 hours of broadcast time won't be visible to customers.

Requirements for a new linear feed

To set up a new linear feed, Prime Video operations requires several inputs to ensure a consistent customer experience.

BenefitIDCorresponds to the individual Channel to which customers can subscribe and with which this feed will be associated. Your operational contact provides you your BenefitID during onboarding. If you have multiple Channels, you will have multiple BenefitIDs, and you may have multiple linear feeds per BenefitID. You provide this input in the GroupIdentity column in your avails (LicenseRightsDescription for EMA 1.6).
Channel Display NameThe customer-facing name of the linear feed. This displays to customers who access your feed on Prime Video.
TerritoryThe territory in which this linear feed is available (e.g., US, FR, DE). This must align with the terms of your commercial agreement with Prime Video.
Fallback LogoA black and white logo for your linear feed that Prime Video displays in the absence of a delivered image. This must be a 1600x1200 dimension image in .JPEG or .SVG format.
Fallback RatingThe most restrictive rating for content that airs on your linear feed which Prime Video will display in the absence of a delivered rating. This helps to prevent young customers from seeing mature content without being PIN prompted.
Gracenote ID and GVD IDThe two IDs necessary to connect Gracenote inputs to your linear feed (e.g., GNxxxxxxxx).
Merchandising InformationPreferences for how you want to display your carousel on your Channel’s collection page. We require your desired carousel ordering so we can set up your page as intended.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What if I need to change anything about an existing linear feed (e.g.. carousel ordering, new fallback rating)?
What do I need to do to set up a new linear feed?

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