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The Deliveries tab provides real-time delivery status and error feedback for all files delivered to Prime Video. Deliveries is designed to provide you with file-level validation and delivery stats feedback for MEC Metadata, MMC Manifest, EMA Avails, Amazon XML/XLS Metadata and all technical assets (video, audio, timed text and images). Currently, it doesn't present a title-level view. Access to the Video Central portal and Delivery Manager are invite-only.

Content Delivery

When logged into Video Central, click the Deliveries tab (you might only see the Deliveries tab, depending on account permissions). When delivering content, you can:

  • Deliver via Aspera; these deliveries will populate into the Video Central UI with the file delivery status and any error feedback.
  • Browse and upload individual files through the Video Central UI, without needing to deliver via Aspera.
  • Search for specific files by file name using the Search bar at the top of the page.
  • View a) a complete list of delivered files in chronological order of delivery; b) the status of the delivery (Processing, Failed, or Success); c) Details of a file's status; d) the time that the file was delivered; e) the option to download a copy of the file that was delivered (excluding video files).
  • Filter the view based on the file type or deliver status.

Screenshot of the Deliveries tab

Viewing File Delivery Feedback

If you see a Failure status, click the Details link to see validation errors as well as the location of the errors within the asset (where applicable).

Screenshot of the Details dialog box showing errors

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