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Dub cards

Dub cards are presented at the end of the video to credit voice actors who have played major roles in the dubbed audio track for a title. Dub cards must be supplied for all titles delivered with dubbed audio and each language dubbed track must be accompanied by a dub card.

Prime Video supports the delivery of discrete assets for dub cards. Refer to the Supported features table for dub card requirements by territory. Currently, Prime Video doesn't accept delivery of image dub cards.

For discrete delivery, please provide a standalone video file with the same resolution and frame rate as the video mezzanine of the feature, which must meet the technical specifications outlined in the Technical asset requirements. Dub card video must include at least one silent audio track and duration must be between 3–6 seconds.

For HDR titles, delivery of SDR dub cards are required. In addition to the SDR dub card, HDR dub card delivery is also accepted but not required. If no HDR dub card is provided, the SDR dub card will be up-converted to HDR before combining with the main title HDR content.

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