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Avails review

Avails review is a process that evaluates whether you're able to deliver content rights sheet avails to the target business deal (TVOD, Channels, and SVOD CPH). This process is applied to partners (studio/posthouse) who are already onboarded to package delivery or other business deal, but are adding a business deal to your service.

As an example, if you were previously onboarded for TVOD and are now expanding to a Channels launch, you will only need avails review. If you also need to be onboarded to package delivery, we will onboard you to avails spec in Phased Avails and Asset Package Review.

With your return of the questionnaire, Prime Video will supply you with your partner alias, Aspera delivery account, and Video Central account. After this process, we set up your account and a Partner Integrations Management (PIM) will work with you to test and validate your avails submissions for your new service offering.

The Avails review process is simpler than Phased avails and asset package review and you can expect to complete this process in under 30 days. We require your full engagement when training starts to ensure timelines are met.

When is Avails review applied?
  • New TVOD, Channels, and SVOD CPH content partners who elect to use a Prime Video onboarded posthouse.
  • Content partners who have previously been onboarded in a territory who are launching on a new business line (i.e., previously onboarded to TVOD, but launching a Channel).

Avails allowlisting

In the following cases, your avails submission requires allowlisting by the Prime Video team. If you're attempting to deliver content for use in these media, please contact your Prime Video point-of-contact to ensure allowlisting is completed:

  • Net new TVOD, Channels, and SVOD CPH content partners
  • Content partners adding a new business line
  • Content partners changing avails delivery owner (e.g., posthouse delivery to direct delivery)

Avails review rounds

This testing is designed to ensure your ability to correctly create and deliver avails to Prime Video. To complete each round of testing, we require you to deliver avails in spec. We will request redeliveries and you will be unable to move to the next testing round until you reach 100% accuracy with deliveries.

Throughout each round of testing, you're expected to assess your delivery results using the Video Central portal page. This is a self-service tool where you can easily determine successful and unsuccessful deliveries. A Partner Integrations Management (PIM) will work with you during this process to ensure that you can effectively use Video Central and make the necessary corrective actions by using specific instructions available on the Video Centrals support site. During this process, a PIM will support you in troubleshooting the correct actions that lead to successful fulfillment.

Avail files uploaded during this testing process should represent final steady-state avails. For example, if your launch plan includes 4K UHD or 4K UHD-HDR video, avails for these formats must also be included in either of your avail testing rounds.

The avails that you use during testing are required to be for titles that you will use for your launch. Based on your test avails, these titles will be published to Prime Video as per our agreements. It's critical that you use active launch avails. If there is a reason for an exception, please contact your PIM or Partner Operations Manager (POM) in advance to ensure these titles aren't published after the training process is completed.

  TV avails Movie avails
Round 1 One complete season One movie
Round 2 At least an additional complete season.
Another season under the same series of Round 1 season if available.
More than three movies
Start Date value in avails in review stage

If a content offer is delivered with past start date in review stage, the content will be published on Prime Video services during the test phase. Please make sure to put future date on Start Date in your avails sheet to prevent it as follows:

  • For channels avails, we ask that you insert a Start Date that is four weeks earlier than your launch date. This allows us to review and test content on the Prime Video portal (to ensure proper configuration of detail pages, carousel displays, etc.). This practise is also applied to your other channel launch titles that we use for review rounds.
  • For TVOD avails, we ask that you insert a Start Date that is four months later than our onboarding invitation. After your training process is complete, we work with you to confirm all title package delivery timeline and assign your TVOD content launch date per our publishing SLA with your Content Acquisition Manager (CAM) and POM.

For new territory service launch projects, we will guide you separately per each launch project timeline.

Avails delivery training requirement

Prime Video uses one avails template across all business lines globally (i.e. TVOD, Channels, and SVOD CPH). An Avails review isn't required if you're expanding business lines or into a new region so long as your avails include the fields in the chart below. If this isn't clear or you want a full avails training, please contact your Content Acquisition Manager (CAM), Partner Launch Manager (PLM), or Partner Operations Manager (POM) to request more help from the Partner Integrations Management (PIM) team.

Differences across each region (based on EMA 1.7.3)
Field name Difference
Territory Target territory: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code (e.g., US, GB, DE, JP, FR, NL, etc.)
PriceValue (for SRP) Apply local currency (USD for US, GBP for GB, JPY for JP, etc.)
Required for US
Start and End value

If content is expected to launch at a specific time in a time zone, you must provide a start time that is offset from UTC. For example, 7:00 a.m. Standard Time in New York would be represented as 2021-01-01T07:00:00-05:00 or UTC minus five hours. The use of the special character Z after the time can be used to indicate Zulu time (UTC time) as in 2021-01-01T00:00:00Z.

If a time zone isn't specified, launch time defaults to the local time in the easternmost time zone of the territory for which content is availed. For example, an avail for the GB territory with a start time of 2021-01-01T09:00:00 is calculated by our system as 9:00 am in GB on January 1, 2021.

If a time isn't specified in your avail, our system defaults 00:00:00 as the start time value. This time corresponds to the easternmost time zone for the day in the territory for which the avail is made.

Key values for TVOD, Channels, and SVOD CPH (based on EMA 1.7.3)
Field name TVOD Channels SVOD CPH
FormatProfile Requires separate avail offers for SD, HD, and 4K UHD One avail offer required — highest profile only One avail offer required — highest profile only
GroupIdentity Not applicable Channel ID (Benefit ID) Not applicable
Download Not applicable TRUE or FALSE Not applicable
VOD rental duration Offline playable duration for download Not applicable
Tier, Category, SRP, etc. defined by each TVOD deal Category sub Leave blank
ContractID Not applicable Not applicable CPH

For Channels and SVOD CPH onboarding, avails must be delivered in the EMA 1.7.3 spec to support Group Identity and Download values.

Samples files

To create your avails, please download the sample template files.

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