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Video Central can send email notifications for select features in order to push information found in the Video Central portal. The purpose of these emails is to alert you of actions that you or a posthouse must take in order to publish content to Prime Video. To begin receiving email notifications, make sure you have completed your business profile (name, phone number, and email address) on the My Account tab. Without this information, email notifications aren't sent.

Types of notifications

Today, you may receive daily email notifications on topics from the Deliveries and Requests tabs. Detailed descriptions of those email topics can be found below.

Delivery Status Notifications

Notification TopicDescription
Assets Awaiting Match to ManifestFiles that require an asset manifest (MMC, AXML) delivery or correction in order to associate with a title.
File Deliveries in ErrorFiles that are invalid and require a redelivery in order for Prime Video to publish your title.
Successful File DeliveriesFiles that have successfully ingested and require no further action.
EMA Avail Scopes in ErrorEMA Avail files that have been wholly or partially rejected due to invalid inputs.

Title Notifications

Notification TopicDescription
Titles at Risk of Publishing LateTitles with outstanding required requests that are overdue and which will miss on-time publishing in the next 2-7 days.
Titles with Missed Availability DatesTitles with outstanding required requests that have missed the availability window supplied in the rights and which have missed on-time publishing.
Titles with Requests Due TomorrowTitles with outstanding required requests that you must supply tomorrow in order to adhere to our delivery SLAs.

Configuring notification settings

You may opt in or opt out of email notification topics on the Notifications tab at the top of the header on any Video Central screen. This page lists the current available notification types, organized by feature. To opt out of a notification, click Subscribed to toggle to Off. You may opt back in to a notification at any time.

After modifying your subscription preferences, click Save.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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