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Change Aspera password

Your Aspera password for Delivery accounts can be changed via Video Central.

During onboarding, an Aspera account is created with a temporary password. Content partners should change this temporary password as soon as possible.

Change Delivery account password

Note: Changing an Aspera password can block content delivery if your systems aren't updated to use the new password. This can result in delays for publishing your titles.

  1. On the Deliveries tab, click Manage Delivery Accounts.
  2. Next to the user account you want to update, click Edit.
  3. Enter the new password in the Password box.

    Note: Passwords require at minimum one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and a length of eight characters.

  4. Confirm the password by typing it again in the Re-enter password box.
  5. Click Submit.

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